8 Tips For Creating Compelling Email Subject Headlines

email subject lines

When you start building up your email list, you need to know how to create good email headlines or subject lines. A subject line compels the reader to open the email. That should be the only goal of your subject line.

Here Are 8 Tips To Help Increase Your Email Open Rates.

A good subject line offers value, and doesn’t read like “spam.”

email marketing tipsTip #1) Keep your subject lines short and tasteful. With a maximum of 50 characters, your email subject lines should offer the reader a reason (benefit) to open the email.

Tip #2) A good subject line offers value, and doesn’t read like “spam.” It may seem hard to get the interest and preview your email in 50 characters, but if you do it correctly it can be effective.

Tip #3) Everyone’s favorite word is their own first name. So why not use it in the email subject line? Statistics show personalized subject lines are an effective email marketing strategy.

Tip #4) Provide a responsive email address. Use a real name and company name in the “reply to” email address. If you want your subscribers to engage with your content, then expect them to reply. Don’t make your reader search around for a good email address. Use a legitimate “reply to” email address, and make sure someone checks it frequently.

Tip #5) Don’t make promises you can’t fulfill in the subject lines. In email marketing (or in any forms of business), promises should never be broken. If you promise a huge reward or answers to a BIG SECRET in your email, and the reader finds nothing of value, they’ll unsubscribe.

email marketingTip #6) Urgency increases your open rates. Phrases like “Today only” or “Only available for 1 more day…” can spark your reader’s curiosity and result in an “open.”

Tip #7) Don’t go crazy with ALL CAPS. All caps are the internet equivalent of shouting, and will lead to a lot of unsubscribes.

Tip #8) Always be clear with the intention of your email. Make them succinct. Some big name marketers are successful with long, drawn out emails, but they’ve built a following over time. When you’re just starting out, make your emails clear and to the point.

When your emails are long, you risk being sent straight to the junk folder, or getting skipped over entirely.

The best emails are 750 words or shorter.

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