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email marketing

Email marketing has long been considered one of the pillars for any successful online business. Gathering emails from prospects lets you constantly contact your customers, providing them with information on sales, promotions, special events and discounts.

Almost any website can be hacked or crash, but your email list should never be lost. Without an email list, it’s difficult for any business to crawl back to success and replace lost revenue.

You should keep your list safe and treat your subscribers with care.

For legal and ethical reasons, email marketing requires you to follow best practices. There are lots of things to learn, some procedures and things you should avoid in email marketing.


how to email marketingThe Basics Of Email Marketing

The core of your email marketing is your email list.

What is an email list?

What is the reason you want an email marketing list?


Basic knowledge is the most crucial part in email marketing.

Email list, or a “list,” is a shorter term for an email marketing list or an email autoresponder list for email marketing. The list contains the basic information prospects gave you when they opted into your list, as well as any new buyer information you’ve gathered since their initial signup.

Building your own list requires you to procure an email autoresponder set up.

There are many top autoresponder software you can use to grow your email list. But, the two I recommend looking into are:

#1) GetResponseHighly Recommended! This is the one I use to grow my email list.

#2) Aweber

Choosing The Right Email Marketing Autoresponder Platforms

email marketing autoresponderIt’s important to consider your budget and list size when considering an email autoresponder service.

Some services are free for small lists, but their capabilities are limited. Some services are more robust, but they’re expensive and might require more technical knowledge.

As well, check review sites and trusted colleagues for advice on autoresponder services with the best customer service. You need to find the solution best suited to your business needs, list size, technical abilities, and budget.

With the right autoresponder software, you can easily manage subscribers and send personalized mass emails to each subscriber.

The constant, reliable communication between you and your customers through email can increase rapport and build your relationships. Additionally, through regular email communication, you can make special offers with your new products.

Capturing your prospect’s email is just the start of email marketing. There are lots of things you need to know and understand for an effective email marketing strategy.

Want to learn even more about email marketing?

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