How To Build Your Email List Funnel For Beginners

lead generation funnel

In order to build an email list, you need to build the list funnel first.

Building Your Email List Funnel

There are 3 components to building a list funnel

(1) The capture page (the squeeze page)
(2) The opt-in bribe or the free gifts
(3) Opt in the box.

So, what are these components?

How To Build Your Email List Funnel For Beginners

Capture Page/ Squeeze page

A capture page is a webpage with a headline, sub headline, some bulleted benefits and a call to action. Most capture pages offer an “opt-in bribe,” such as a free report or discount coupon.

Headlines are supposed to be catchy and highlighted to easily get the attention of the reader.

Your headline should be concise, enticing, and offer a clear benefit to the reader.

Sub headlines should explain the headline in more detail. Bullets should give the reader a clear idea of the “Take-aways” they’ll get from reading the free report, or using the discount coupon. Think: After reading this short report, you’ll know how to __________. Three or four bullets are ideal.

You’re fighting against attention span, time, and interest of your readers. People skim content for information. Make your page “skimmable.”

Lastly, “calls to action” are an important part of your page. The call to action is “What you want the reader to do” in order to get the free report of opt-in bribe.

Some examples of Calls to Action are:
“Click here for details.”
“Yes, I want my free report!”
“Enter your best email address to receive your free report now!”

Bribe / Free Gifts

These are the things you can offer to your readers in exchange for their email address.

Aside from free reports and discount codes mentioned above, the most common bribes are free eBooks, video series, audio, newsletters, and infographics on a certain trend or niche. Just make sure your opt-in bribe fulfills the promises made on the Capture page.

A note about Opt-In bribes:sales funnel

Most people will happily enter in their contact details if it’s a quick and painless experience.


Opt-in Box

The opt-in box is the area readers need to fill out their information. When creating the opt-in fields, make the process as seamless as possible.

Remember, the name and email address are the most information you’ll need.

Remember, match your capture page with your offer. Take a look at this simple clean lead capture page I built using GetResonse. Go ahead and Opt-In if you haven’t done so already and see how my capture page matches the sales page of the free training course I give away to grow my email list.


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