How To Get Free Traffic To Your Affiliate Products

free traffic strategy

There are a number of effective free strategies as well as paid strategies.  Below I have written up a list of just a few ways you can use for free.  I all so mention one of my favorite paid strategies that I use to grow my email list below as well as my 2 primary marketing strategies that I’m currently using with great results.

Here’s the list of the free ways to market your business.

Free works but, it’s more time consuming.

A quick rule of thumb.

Don’t go crazy and join everything. I’m telling you from experience unless you have more time then money.  Don’t go out and join every social site, traffic exchange site, classified ad site etc…

Pick out 2 to 3 marketing strategies and run with them till you see the results you want.

If you find yourself doing to many things everyday you will get burnt out and end up quitting this business model all together.

– Article Marketing
– Forum Marketing
– Blog Commenting
– Ad Swaps
– Giveaways
– Blogging
– Traffic Exchanges
– Mailers

– Newspapers
– Classified Ad Sites
– Facebook
– Quora
– Rreddit
– YouTube
– Email Signatures

Buy the way, If you haven’t picked up Tigers Traffic training course free of charge from my link right here just yet.  You might want to consider garbing it.  It’s free after all.  This course teaches you 10+ marketing strategies mentioned above for free.

With any marketing you do always keep track of your click through rate, open rates, etc…  and use a landing page to grow your email list.  If you are directing this traffic straight to your sales page instead of a landing page.  You’ll be missing out on any future repeat sales since your not growing your email list.  Keeping track is impotent, you need to know what sites your using for marketing that are giving you clicks, joining your email list and making you sales.  Don’t wast your time on advertising sites that showing poor results according to your tracking methods. Keeping track is how you figure out witch sites are worth spending time on and witch ones are not worth your time.

The best way I have found when it comes to paid advertising is Solo Ads.

Paid traffic using solo ads are more consistent and reliable forms of advertising for list building.  Solo Ads can be the quickest way to build up your email list and make sales.solo ads traffic 

However, finding good solo ad sellers is the key.  Sometimes you will get a hold of a poor solo ad seller and receive bad results, but don’t let let that scare you.  Just mark them off your list as a bad solo ad and move on the next. 

Another thing to consider even if you didn’t get the results you where hopping for.  You may need to go back and take a look at your landing page and see if there is anything on there that needs changing. In some cases your landing page could have been the issue for you receiving poor results.

I keep my landing pages clean and simple.

  • Black lettering with white background or a nice image nothing overwhelming.
  • White lettering with black background or a nice image nothing overwhelming.
  • Red and Orange lettering and buttons with black lettering mixed in with a white background or a nice image
  • Yellow lettering with Black background can also stand out nicely.

To help get you started when finding good solo ad sellers or vendors.  I recommend you check out these two sites.

Both of these sites are Solo ad directories with a list of solo ad sellers that you can choose from. and

My two primary marketing strategies that I’m using as of the writing of this blog post that are working well for me are:

  • Paid: Solo Ads
  • Free: Traffic Exchanges / Mixed in with paid upgrades to some of these sites

You may also want to check out my blog post on 4 Free Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website for even more information.

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