How To Use Safelist Traffic Exchange Sites Correctly

how to use safelist

If you thinking about using safe list mailers and traffic exchange sites to drive traffic to your business opportunity there are a few key elements you must do if you want to have any success at all using them.

In this post I’m going to give you some tips and strategies on how to use them correctly, and most impotently keeping your salfelist traffic exchange sites organized.

How To Use Safelist Traffic Exchange Sites To Build Your Email List

Safelist Marketing

When in comes to marketing your business opportunity it’s best to use a landing page. The reason is you need to build your email list. Driving this traffic straight to your sales page is a wast of time.

You need to spark there interest. Keep in mind that the people on these sites are already involved in some sort of opportunity but it doesn’t mean there happy with the business opportunity there involved in.

The best way to grab there attention is to give away something for free that has value. I have discovered that that giving away a freebie that teach them how to market and drive traffic to there business opportunity works very well.

People who are involved the home business niche are always looking for ways to drive traffic to there opportunity. So why not give them something of value for free such as a PDF or video course that will teach them how do this.

Use PLR To Build Your Email List


How To Use Safelist Mailers To Stay Organized

Staying Organized By Creating Two Rememberable Emails

When you first join these sites most of them require you to sign up with two gmail emails.
One is your “list email” and the other is your “contact email”

When you create your emails name them using the words “list” in one and “contact” in the other such as: and or something along those lines. This will help you to remember witch is what.

safelist marketingStaying Organized By Filtering Your Emails

When you begin to sign up to these safe list traffic exchange sites you will start to get a ton of emails from other members. Create a filter inside your gmail email and name the filter then name of the safelist traffic exchange site.


These are the filters that I use but first you need to create a filter.

  • First click on the email.
  • Second click on the 3 dots at the top and click on filter messages like these.
  • Third click on “Create filter” at the bottom.

I use:

  • Skip the inbox (Archive it)
  • Apply the label: Here is where you name it.
  • Never send it to Spam
  • Never mark it as important
  • Also apply filter to “what ever the # of emails are there” matching messages.

And that it… supper easy

safelist organizerStaying Organized By Creating A Spreed Sheet

This images shows you how I keep organized. The reason this so impotent is it tells me what sites I’m low on credits for and witch ones I’m good on. You don’t want to wast time clicking for credits that you have enough credits for already just the ones that your low on credits for.

Another thing I do, Is I keep track of my unique clicks from each of these sits. This helps me to determine witch safe list traffic sites are working best. Meaning they have active users clicking for credits seeing my landing page. This helps to narrow down the good sites and the bad sites. I generally look for 20% plus unique click throw rates.

traffic exchangeI have also created a notepad cheat sheet with the name of the safe list sites and my tracking link URL that I use with  that way when I go to post my emails or solo ad I have my cheat sheet pulled up so all I need to do is copy my link and past it in.

I also have prewritten ad copy on notepad ready to go as well so all I need to do is copy and past my ad copy. Some safelist sites have it set up where you can save your email ad copy to be used the next time you get ready to post. I suggest that you create up to five plus email ad copy that you can rotate around.

Even More Safelist Traffic Exchange Tips

Clean Out Your Emails

Every two weeks I go in and clean out my emails that I’m receiving from these sites. The reason being is when you get a ton of them and you will. The emails will start to bounce and this can cause your account to that safelist site to be shut down and you will lose all your credits associated with that site.

Use These Sites To There Full Advantage

Besides sending out email ads. Take sometime and place text ads and banner ads on these sites. The more real estate you have showcasing your opportunity the better. But make sure that your email ads, text ads and banner ads all lead to your landing page so you can grow your email list.

If you want to learn more ways to drive traffic your offers. Feel free to ready my other blog post 4 Free Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website. I give out 8 links to my top favorite traffic exchanges sites.

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