Planning Your Email Content

planning your email content

Getting the interest of your readers with your subject line is just one piece of the email marketing puzzle.

Make sure your email content is as good as your subject line.

Create readable and engaging content for your customers.

So, How Can You Write Good, Quality Content For Your Email?

Choosing Your Content

When creating the content for your email, keep in mind, your goal is to deliver value to readers. Your email list isn’t your blog, and it’s not a sounding board for complaints.

When planning your email content, ask industry colleagues about their email marketing strategies. Conduct some research on forums. What questions are people asking? What sort of answers are they getting? Are their big questions not being answered? How can you provide answers, and what makes your opinion worth reading?

writing email contentReconnaissance Mission

Also, sign up for some email lists in your industry and niche. What seems to be working for other marketers? What do you like/dislike about their emails? Do you notice a common theme in their content? How does their writing reflect their overall brand or value proposition? Make a point to model what works for others. (Read: Model – NOT Copy.)

Seasonal Content

Keep in mind that people’s shopping and reading habits are affected by seasons and holidays. If it’s Thanksgiving time, you might want to start mentioning your upcoming holiday sales.

Correct Spelling and Grammar Counts

Make sure your spelling and grammar are correct. If you write in a “conversational tone,” your readers probably won’t mind a few grammar mistakes here and there. However, a lot of grammar mistakes can make you appear unintelligent or indifferent.

Incorrect spelling is a huge “No-No” for the same reasons. If you want people to perceive you as an authority figure, you need be knowledgeable in many areas. Some people will punish you for misspellings by unsubscribing from your list.

Make the time to check your grammar and spelling. It really matters.

There are lots of online programs available to help catch mistakes in your grammar and spelling. A common one is Grammarly.

Note: While many grammar and spell-checking apps catch most errors, most of them won’t catch every error. Even after running your content through a grammar and spell-checking app, do a email tracking“read-aloud” of your content. Better yet, have someone else do the “read-aloud.” They’re more likely to catch your mistakes.

Some autoresponder software lets you include photos, gifs, and video in your email content. That doesn’t mean you should go wild and include a visual component in every email.

Metrics and Reporting

Your email autoresponder should offer detailed reporting, which lets you see which emails are getting the most “opens,” “clicks,” and “unsubscribes.” You should try testing different subject lines and content with different segments of your email lists.

Email marketing is critical part of your overall marketing strategy. Without consistent email marketing, most retailers and small marketers would see a huge loss in revenue.

Take some time and effort to see what works best for your product, service, and brand. Always test to see what’s working, and even when you find something that works well, see if there’s room for improvement.

Remember; never settle for “Good Enough.” The moment you settle, is when another marketer will pass you by. Now get out there and sell, sell, sell!

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