Solo Ads One Of The Quickest Ways To Build An Email List

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Solo ads are tricky but, they can can be one of the best ways to build your email list quickly and build a buys list.


Recommended Solo Ad Vendors – An online resource for Solo Ad Sellers.


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Solo Ad Buying Tip:

Always test before buying or spending a buck load of cash with any solo ad seller. Test by purchasing the minimum of clicks.  50 – 200 clicks.

If you get a decent enough of new email subs. Then I would buy again, and I would buy 500+ clicks.

I would keep buying from this seller till I start seeing a decrease in my # of sign-ups.  I wait for a month and let the solo ad seller re-harvest there email lists of new fresh leads before I go back and buy again from the same solo ad seller.

Just know that not every solo ad seller is created equal. Udimi Banner

Do your texting first.

People Ask?

What’s the best CTR? “Click Through Rate”

I can’t honestly answer that question because a lot of variables come into factor such as:

How convincing is your landing page? 

Does it look attract or does it look boring?

Don’t get me wrong but even the most simplest landing page can lead good results as long as it looks boring attractively 🙂

That’s why testing is impotent.

Here’s a landing page I created using giving away a free traffic training course that you can check out right here.  It’s plan Jane but it works great.



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